Friday 27th March Opening Times

Pub is opening 19:30 till 21:00 Friday evening, come join us!

I’m looking into a different video conferencing platform based on the experience this week. Zoom doesn’t offer the fluency or ability to split into smaller groups of friends as you would in a real pub situation.

If anybody has suggestions feel free to comment on this post. Video whisper looks the best option at present.

Ill keep you all posted!

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    1. Hi Andy
      Im looking at Video Whisper as an option, houseparty i think is aimed at a younger audience and not looked at hangouts, but I will of course look at both. I already have an existing RTMP hosting account available that i could use with videowhisper and it looks quite editable to what we are looking for.
      Unfortunately i think were stuck with zoom this weekend so bear with me…….thanks for your suggestions though bud!

    1. Ill have a look at that too John, does it require any special server requirements do you know. I also have to consider the monthly costs to allow enough traffic, but thankyou for your suggestion.
      Ill get back to you once ive had a look and let you know the outcome.

    1. Its all down to the integration into the website Pete, facebook messenger is a person to person platform, we need multiple cability.
      Im hoping to have a beta version of the setup by the end of the weekend.
      Thanks for your suggestions I will lok into both of these though in case they have developed something new recently.

  1. Ok so lots of tech talk, but let get to the bar and order what are we all having tonight? Or am I in the technical troubleshooting part? Here to serve witty remarks whilst we change the barrel. Don’t wait a week or 3, join in! Miss you all loads! Ok β€œall” was a lie πŸ€ͺ xx chez

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