Pubs open tonight for anybody who fancies dropping in for an hour…….

Unlike the Brewery Tap itself which is usually closed on a Monday, we’re opening for an hour for those of you that would like to come and chat or just say hello.

Just follow the link for today’s date in the posts below, download the ZOOM app (links for Android and IPhone on the website) and REMEMBER TO ENABLE YOUR CAMERA AND AUDIO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CHAT SCREEN TO BE SEEN AND HEARD.

Everybody loves a Pub Quiz night!

No pub would be complete without a pub quiz, so that’s what were going to have!

We may be struggling to build a virtual pub and put together a quiz in a few days so starting from next Wednesday 1st April, we will be hosting our first pub quiz…..should give us time to work out the best way to structure it.

Also if anybody is interested in being our regular pub quiz host drop us a line and we can get you on board to help build up a regular well attended night of fun and banter.

Until then please drop by and pay us a visit during opening hours and remember……..

‘Self Isolation……..not Virus spreaderation!’ (I know its not a word, but these are extreme times requiring extreme words!)

Calling all musicians

Just because we’re confined to our own homes doesn’t mean the music has to stop.

From the opening of the Brewery tap nearly 10 years or so ago, we’ve been lucky to have great musicians play every Thursday and also had a very popular open mic night every two weeks o a Wednesday… why not now!

Anybody who would like to host a night of music please contact us and we’ll happily host a virtual gig for the pub goers to support.

We will post further details as we get an idea of who is happy to entertain you and keep the spirits up of the virtual locals.

If anybody’s interested please comment below with contact details and we will get in touch.